Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Who is Mr. Clasper?

Wayne photographed with items that can be found, amongst several others, in Wayne's World.

He’s WAYNE! I love how this man doesn’t even need an introduction. Everyone knows who Wayne is and to be quite honest, I’ve never heard anyone speak badly of him. I’m pretty sure that it’s safe to say Wayne is one of the coolest –if not the coolest- person in Marianopolis. If there’s anything you need, whether it be information, money, or simple materials for school, you can be sure that Wayne’s your man. Having been at Marianopolis for what will, in January, be eighteen years, Wayne’s got the trust and respect of both the student and faculty alike.

The Wayne’s World we know comes to include anything from the must-have scientific calculator to floss. To some, this might seem a little excessive –having everything a person would ever need in a school-, but to Wayne, this is his main function, “having 95% of what someone might want." This priority comes in at a close second to his number one: being the Front and Center literal Know-It-All of Marianopolis. The weirdest request Wayne’s received? From what I can tell, that would be chopsticks. Apparently, more than one person as of late has been asking for chopsticks. So now, Wayne’s on a mission to expand the franchise, with the help of some Marianopolis funding, to include dollar store bought chopsticks. I guess when you think of it, chopsticks isn’t that weird of a request. I mean, Wayne’s had people asking him for deodorant, socks (yes…you read right), and tampons. He’s learned from experience that if more than one person has –a what might at first seem to be- an odd request, it’s soon to become an all too common request amongst the student body of Marianopolis Cegep. However, Wayne did point out that he’s been asked quite a few times how he’s ever able to keep himself entertained. Going day to day, carrying on with the “same old routine” must get boring, no? Not to Wayne, “everyday is different. I never know what each day is going to bring. Even though most of the requests are the same, the people are different." Therefore, the delivery and all-around experience is different –and that’s what it’s all about.

Being the best friend of a Marianopolis faculty member has it’s advantages, as explained by Wayne himself whose best friend was the student animator 18 years back. The student animator had informed our dear friend Wayne that there was an opening, thanks to a secretary who was fed up with running back and forth from her office to meet the students with their questions. Prior to this magnificent job offer that literally fell into his lap, Wayne spent his days coaching local sports teams, varying from soccer to rugby. Obviously, our guy was pretty active and thanks to his prior experience with kids ranging from 14 years to around 17 years, Wayne came into this job with keen instincts on how to handle the adolescent spirit that is the Marianopolis student.

To Wayne, this job couldn’t be more perfect. It dawned on him, in his late 20s, that he actually had a passion for teaching, as reflected in his coaching career that began in his mid-teens. Although, his position didn’t exactly entail your typical teacher-student scenario, Wayne was quite content in that he still had the chance to work and connect with students in what is essentially a scholarly atmosphere. Never having worked any place for more than 5 years (one place), it’s clear as day that Wayne’s happy where he is, and Wayne; we’re happy where you are too! But, what does the future hold for 48 year old Wayne Clasper (I know. He doesn’t look a day over…37)? Apparently, Marianopolis …that is, until he gets the urge to move, as he did with his former coaching job-, “your heart will tell you when it’s time to leave or move on.”
For the few of you who don’t know, Wayne’s World is located just in front of the cafeteria.


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