Sunday, November 30, 2008

The little Folksinger that Is

Ani DiFranco - Image pulled from Google Images

The prolific underground musician, poet, activist, and mother, Ani DiFranco, definitely did not disappoint with her near-end tour in Montreal, the 25th of November. Metropolis was packed with your usual hippy folk, dreads and all, ready to see their unapologetic folk-rock-punk- insert any other music genre- perform her little heart out.

DiFranco first began her career early 1989, starting her own record label, Righteous Babe Records, out of the trunk of her car at only 18 years old and has been at it ever since. DiFranco’s latest album, Red Letter Year, was but a minor presence in Tuesday night’s show, but it wasn’t difficult to see the evolution of sound. Co-produced with the father of DiFranco’s daughter, Mike Napolitano, Red Letter Year possesses a somewhat softer side of Ani with whimsical and experimental instrumentals partnered with her unchanging political and philosophical lyrics. Although quite different from her past 19 solo releases, fans surely won’t be disappointed with what can be said to be DiFranco’s most sophisticated album yet.

The show opened with singer/songwriter Pieta Brown, an almost haunting yet soulful folk girl; a great parallel to the main show. It wasn’t surprising that she belted it out, infusing the audience with her unashamed zeal and well-known percussive six-string picking. My throat hurts so much from encouraging and reveling in Difranco’s inspiring words for change and power. DiFranco’s new mantra, “don’t forget to have a good time” spread throughout the venue to her audience members and with her quirky sense of humor she proved that she is still kicking with what seems to be an endless musical drive.

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