Monday, March 23, 2009

Listen Up: It’s Hey Ocean!

Hey Ocean Band Mates.
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Listen up students of Marianopolis, thanks to Adam Reider, our school will host one of Canada’s extraordinarily talented treasures next month. Infectious Canadian band Hey Ocean is coming to a student lounge near you, April 21st, activity period! Ashleigh Ball, David Beckingham, David Vertesi, and Daniel Klenner provide listeners with a cool amalgamation of soothing eclectic blends with a hip funk edge. This combination not so surprising when a band is able to fluidly connect reggae, funk, folk, and jazz as their inspirational blends to achieve a world sound. Both vocals and instrumentals seem completely in equilibrium, never allowing a dull moment to seep in through one song or another. The young Vancouver good-side-of-pop pop group has also recently been issued as one of the top 10 hit list songs on the MuchMoreMusic playlist, a not too easy feat for Canadian indie bands. Often described as one of Canada’s best-up-and-coming bands, Hey Ocean surely won’t disappoint. So come join in the charismatic fun that is Hey Ocean.

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